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Safari Extensions add new features to Apple's default web browser, Safari.

In Safari, the menu command Safari > Safari Extensions takes you to

Scroll or use Command-F to find things on the page. You can install directly from that page and do not even have to restart Safari. Some are Shareware i.e. invite you to make a donation.

Recommended extensions

  • AdBlock (shareware) does as the title suggests, pretty much set it and forget it. The list of ads it blocks is maintained. See note below.
  • Do Not Track Plus (DNT+) blocks tracking cookies. It keeps an eye out for advertising companies and social networks looking to gather your personal information, and leaves you in control. Recommended by Marvin Robertson and MacWorld; download it from CNET.
  • ClickToFlash is a very useful tool. It turns off Flash on all pages until you click on the flash element. It also can force pages to use HTML5 to display video.
  • Translate places a "translate" button on the toolbar, which uses Google Translate to translate the current page.
  • XMarks: Chris Howard recommends this paid product and uses it on all his browsers (and 1Password likewise).

Blocking ads

Note: We recommend using AdBlock selectively. There are some really good and rather small sites that depend on advertising revenue to survive, such as MacObserver, so if you are a regular at one of these sites it is only fair to unblock them.

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Recommended by Jon Glass and Chris Howard on the Mac Ministry List in October 2011. DNT+ recommended by Marvin Robertson in February 2012.

The proviso about blocking ads was initially posted on Mac-Min by Jon Glass about AdBlock for Firefox in March 2010.