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CATUG's domain originally had an official website front page, but now redirects to this wiki.


We set up our Facebook page in January 2012 – "Like" and Share it!

Before that, we had an old-style Facebook group, no longer available.

Mailing list

See Mac Ministry List for links to subscribe or change your email subscription.

Historic sites

The articles from our old Christian Macintosh User Group website used to be online, with a navigation bar to access some other pages. Just the index is available at the Internet Archive, but CATUG Board members can provide copies on request.

From October 2011 to August 2015 we had a blog in our own domain: Of Macs 'n' Min at There is an archived version at the Internet Archive.

A couple of earlier trial blogs, and the initial version of Of Macs 'n' Min, were at:

This wiki moved to in February 2011, but we kept its recent home as a redirect until 2012, along with which we had been using since 2005. We also got the group's original website back as a mirror in 2011–12 (archived).

Various other websites refer to the Christian Macintosh User Group at but unfortunately something went wrong with renewing the domain, again, and we lost that one. Whoever is parking on it has demanded a ridiculous fee that we will obviously not pay. Old versions from November 1998 to January 2010 are stored at the Internet Archive.

The oldest copy of our site at the Internet Archive was from December 1996.

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