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On March 8, 2011, Tim Butler invited CATUG members to submit designs for a new logo to clearly represent us.

Our main criteria were:

  1. Recognisable as Christian
  2. Recognisable as Apple Technology
  3. Would work in black & white, greyscale and colour
  4. Scaleable, i.e. would work at 75 pixels as well as larger sizes
  5. Copyright free, and in particular does not use Apple's logo.

The selected design was sent in by Tim Martin of Top Step Design. The Board liked it because it uses the rounded corner shape to suggest the shape or shadow of an apple device. The cross is central, but not overpowering. The shiny text and font further identifies with Mac branding, without using their logo etc. The whole thing is very clean and functional in true Apple minimalist fashion. This is a greyscale version, but black & white would also work, and we could add color as well if we wanted.

On an interim basis, we have been using a banner on our Main Page designed by Neville Reid. This uses Apple's "cover flow" with bright colours reminiscent of the iPod silhouette ads. We intend to change this in due course to complement the new logo.


Summarised from Operational Board correspondence by Neville Reid in 2011.

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