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In the summer of 2010 there was a rather large "discussion" on the Mac Min mailing list regarding future direction of CMUG, including leadership, responsibilities, and future direction. This page was set up to track some of the ideas and officer positions, as well as individuals who volunteered for those positions.


We held a general vote with the results posted September 3, 2010 with the result that out of 72 voters, 68% (49) voted yes to the question of should we elect officers, 21% (15) voted no, and 11% (8) abstained.


Initially, the idea was to have the following positions:

  • President: Has the responsibility of providing oversight and leadership to the group
    • President Volunteers: ??
  • Domain Manager: Has the responsibility to keep the domain, mail list server, and overall website up and running.
    • Manager Volunteers: Vincent D
  • List Manager: Has the responsibility to manage the mailing list
    • List Manager Volunteers: Drew J
    • Mailing List Team Volunteers: ??
  • Blog Team: see the Pages note below as to what the blog team would be dealing with
    • Manager Volunteers: Faithe T
    • Team Volunteers: Faithe T, David B, David Lang
  • Wiki Team: administrators, helpers, content monitors
    • Manager Volunteers: Neville R
    • Team Volunteers: ??


The following individuals have volunteered to help with various positions or have volunteered for an elected position:

  • Bob S: web design
  • Rory G: list moderator
  • Clive R: list moderator
  • Brance: web design
  • Vincent D: site/domain administration, wiki content
  • Faithe T: blog admin
  • David Larson: graphic design, web site content
  • Scotte M: list moderator, web site content writer, with skills in database/web/mailing list management
  • Neville R: wiki contributor
  • Aaron H: list moderator, wiki helper, blog helper
  • David V: web design
  • Jon Glass: list admin, blog content


The following is a list of pages we want to have and need people responsible for:

  • Blog
  • Historian
  • Member database
  • Mac Tech News
  • How-to's and Tips
  • Hardware/Software Wanted & Available
  • CMUG (as a MUG) discounts and how to get them (e.g. Accordance)


Several people volunteered to help with costs. Vincent offered to bear his own costs anyway for the domain and server. There was a consensus against bothering with subscriptions and accounts.


This page was written up by Vincent Danen in September 2010 and subsequently added to by others.