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This page summarises methods and apps for memorizing Bible verses, as recommended on the Mac-Ministry mailing list.

The question

Are there any good Bible verse memory apps for MacOS? iOS?
Are there any sites with good techniques that would help with Bible verse memorization? Not just memorization but also understanding." - Glen L.

Some suggestions

Specific iOS apps

Fighter Verses ($2.99) comes highly recommended. -Concetta

I have to chime in with what I think is the best iOS app for memory verses: Bible Memory Verses (dead link as at June 2014) (iTunes link). Can't beat the price, and it has lots of features. Check it out! -Mark in Maine

A cool evangelism app by The Mobile Jesus Project is called Jesus. - Christi Milligan

Mantis Bible on iOS

I was just doing my daily Bible reading/studying in MantisBible, and noticed its little "Memorize" button. I had forgotten that it has this feature! In any case, I did a quick look, and it seems to implement the memorize function in an interesting way. You tap on the "Memorize" button to add a verse, and then, go to the "Notes" section of the app, and tap on the verse to view it. You can then tap on words to make them disappear as you go. Later, you can take a "test", which either scrambles the words and you tap them in the proper order, or you tap the first letter of the words in the proper order–your choice.

The one thing Mantis doesn't give you is verses to memorize. You have to come up with those on your own. But if you are willing to take the time to set it up, it could meet your needs for both of your specific requests–I say "both" because Mantis is primarily a Bible study app, with all the commentaries, etc. you will probably want.

Now, as to help with understanding, if I could humbly suggest one commentary that I consider to be indispensable, and which should be in everybody's biblical toolbox, I would suggest the following. Treasury of Scripture Knowledge is typically listed as a commentary in Bible software, but what it is is a thorough–and probably the most exhaustive–system of cross references in existence. It breaks the verse down by sections, and lists cross references that touch on that part of the verse. Most verses in the Bible have numerous cross references, frequently numbering in the tens of cross references per verse. By doing this, the Bible becomes its own commentary, comparing Scripture with Scripture, rather than man's interpretation of Scripture (granted, men compiled the cross references, but they are so deep and broad and carefully considered that it is hard to fault their choices). If you used this tool alone, you would quickly find yourself grasping the depth of what God's Word has to tell us.

As to MantisBible (and you can read about how much I like it on the Bible software for iPhone page I wrote) and the TSK (the short name for Treasury of Scripture Knowledge), it seems to be costing about $10. -Jon Glass

Desktop apps and websites

The Navigators have a desktop app called VerseMinder which takes you through their Bible memory verses but also allows you to enter more.

Then there is a website called MemVerse which is worth checking out. - Christi Milligan

The tried and tested approach

Well, here's the program I use. If it helps, great.


Memorize Topically -

  1. Choose your topic.
  2. List all your references in Biblical order. (On a single sheet of paper.)
  3. Memorize all references FIRST. 
  4. Make 3x5 cards with verses on one side and refs. and topic on the other.
  5. Walk as you work (if possible).  
  6. Review regularly.

How To Actually Memorize -

  • READ the verse 20 times a day Sun. - Sat. 
(Don’t try to memorize the verse, just read it. You will usually have it memorized by Wed. or Thurs.)
  • After this - Recite it once a day for 49 days
  • After this - Recite it once a week for 7 weeks.
  • After this - Recite it once a month for life!


Make a “MEMORY BOX” to keep your cards in for easy review -

  • Number 49 tabbed file cards 1 through 49 for daily review.
  • Number 7 tabbed file cards 1 through 7 for weekly review.
  • Number 30 tabbed file cards 1 through 30 for monthly review.
  • Divide each section with a card that is a little higher than the tabs and goes the length of the card (3 1/2 X 5) - Bro. Bill

Flip card apps

For the record, the above system could also be implemented with any flashcard type system that you might find on the App Store, as David Larson suggested: "There are flip card apps for both MacOS and iOS and the same for memorization," -- as well as with physical index cards.


Compiled by Jon Glass from a discussion on the Mac Ministry List, August 2011