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Adding RAM (Random Access Memory boards) will often make your Mac run faster.

You can see how much free memory your Mac currently has using the standard Apple utility program Activity Monitor.

Mactracker can tell you what sort of RAM your Mac uses. The vendor websites suggested below are also helpful for this.

Where to buy RAM

  • Apple sells RAM, but it is never the cheapest.
  • This article will not attempt to list the many specialist suppliers around the world.
  • and are just two of several large American suppliers that will ship internationally. They have consistently good recommendations from many contributors on the Mac-Ministry email list.
  • You may find the RAM you need even cheaper on eBay, either from large corporate sellers, or from individuals. Remember there will be no warranty from the latter. Always check sellers' feedback before bidding.

Installing RAM

Guidance on opening up various Macintosh computers can be found via the links at One site particularly recommended for laptops is

Take care to avoid static electricity. Drew Janssen strongly urges you to use a static strap, if at all possible, since static can ruin RAM -- and that's long before you can feel any "spark" when you touch things.

Rules of Static
  • It takes 3,000 volts of static electricity to actually see the spark.
  • It takes just 300 volts to feel the spark,
  • It only takes 30 volts to ruin your expensive RAM.

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