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Christian Apple Technology User Group's mailing list has always been our central channel of communication and fellowship. As our original name “Christian Mac User Group” implies, our goal has always been to support Christians using Macs, but with a particular concentration on those using Macs for ministry; hence the name “Mac Ministry” for the mailing list.


The CMUG mailing list was created to help Mac-using missionaries who had little access to technical support. Over the years, it has grown into CMUG's (now CATUG’s) online community forum.

Around January 2011 there were two Mac Ministry mailing lists, but these were merged back together on February 20. The list server software was upgraded to a new program, known as Mailman, on February 19, 2011 with the aim of creating a more reliable and flexible list to serve this community's membership in the years to come. Please read "Letter from the CMUG Board" for more information.

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How to subscribe and post


To subscribe and receive individual e-mails, click this link and send the e-mail it creates.

To unsubscribe from the list, click this link and send the e-mail it creates.

Alternatively, or to change your options e.g. to a single daily e-mail digest of messages, use this web page for subscriptions:

To change your email address, you'll have to subscribe with the new email address and unsubscribe the old one.

If you want to suspend email messages while you go on holiday, click the button at the end of the page "Unsubscribe or edit options"; on the next page, enter your email address and password (there is an option to receive a password reminder, if needed). Then on the next page, scroll down to "Your Mac-Min Subscription Options", and change the first option "Mail delivery" from "Enabled" to "Disabled".

As a member, to send a message to the main list, email The old posting address also still works.

Posting guidelines

Please see the separate page on posting guidelines.

Filtering your emails

To filter your emails into a separate folder, a simple rule for subject lines containing [Mac-Min] will continue to work as it has in the past. However, this would mix off-list replies sent to you into the list traffic.

A more specific way to filter Mac-Min messages is to filter by Mailman's list-id header. All messages sent through Mac-Min will have a list-id header that contains

To learn how to use this in Apple Mail, see the article Making the most of Apple Mail.

Gmail supports filtering on List-id, see this blog (no connection with us). Enter the following in Gmail's Has the words field:



There are no online email archives of the List. This is intentional, and preferred by a significant number of CATUG members for reasons of privacy. Instead, this Wiki was set up partly to serve as a repository of some of the best advice which may be of lasting or wider value.

Admin lists

The CATUG Board and Ops Board have separate lists for administrative matters, to save stuff of a boring or technical nature from being sent to all members.

Prayer list

Drew Janssen, longstanding CATUG member, started an online prayer list in 2007 called the Prov1522 List (after  Proverbs 15:22). It is not limited to prayer alone; members might also share wisdom, hence the verse.

Drew is the list moderator, and ensures that it is flame-free, private, non-preachy, and above all confidential. The list is hosted by another longstanding CATUG member, Jon Gardner.

CATUG members are still also welcome to post prayer requests on the Mac-Min list (see Posting guidelines). However, Prov1522 is a side-channel list focused on sharing requests and praying for each other. The requests, and the answers, will never be posted on any website or in any blog, and Drew hopes to keep the membership limited to those who take it seriously and will honor each other's confidentiality.

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