Repairing Apple devices

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This page summarises hints shared on the Mac-Ministry List for when you need to repair a Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad etc.

The advice on websites is of course useful worldwide. We acknowledge that the other services recommended on this page are centred on the United States. For local help elsewhere in the world, if it's not cost-effective to send your kit to the US, join the List and ask by email.

DIY repair manuals is a website with extensive do-it-yourself repair manuals, disassembly diagrams, etc. You can also buy replacement parts on the site.

Jim Warholic's website covers all the iMac models in detail.

See also CATUG member Drew Janssen's page here on disassembling Apple laptops.

Replacing cracked glass on iPhones

CATUG member Jon Glass (sounds like an expert on the topic!) suggests:

How badly is it busted? If touch still works, then it's probably just the laminated external glass. It's probably easy enough to replace yourself. Check YouTube tutorials to see how easy.
If you do this, I would offer one suggestion. Lots of them show using a hair dryer or heating gun to loosen the glue holding the glass down. Don't. I have a sock full of rice. I simply popped that into the microwave for two minutes or so, and laid it over my phone. I did this a couple times to make sure the glue was good and soft, and all the pieces came off easily.

Repair services

For general repairs e.g. broken screens, our members recommend the service from the following. They all repair both Mac computers and Apple iOS devices.


  • Ed Erickson, Sam Powell, David Burke, David Larson and Chris Howard recommended the above in 2010–2012.
  • Jon Glass gave the iPhone glass repair hint in 2017.