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MacKeeper is a commercial app which covers a wide range of utility functions in a single package. It is widely advertised, and many readers will have seen its pop-up ads.

Its functions include anti-virus, cleaning up your Mac, and

Comments about the app on Apple forums include many warnings from dissatisfied users, e.g. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Some users say that it is difficult to remove the program once installed.

CATUG members who have tried MacKeeper likewise do not recommend it, finding its frequent reminders intrusive.

Although there are some websites that give MacKeeper positive reviews and explain how to use it, they appear to be designed to promote this product.


There are other programs available that are as good or better, though not in a single package like this. MacKeeper is definitely one to avoid.

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  • [MacKeeper 0.9.6] review at Macworld: 3.5 mice out of 5 (2010)