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This template is shorthand for Template:Bibleverse, and may be easier to use when there is no book number.


Code format: {{Bibleref|BOOKNAME|c:v–c:v|SOURCE}}

This template links offsite.
{{Bibleref|John|3:16|KJV}} yields: John 3:16

This template is used to provide links to Bible verses.

  • DO NOT put any spaces anywhere in the template.
  • You can use shorthand for the names, such as Sam or Deut.
  • Books with a number must be written without a space, e.g. 2John. This doesn't look great, so it is better to use the slightly longer Template:Bibleverse when quoting such books.
  • Verse references may be simplified (for example, no range for just one verse, or entire chapter).
  • SOURCE is an optional parameter, to specify a translation. It is normally better to include one, e.g. KJV or NIV, otherwise the link goes to a long list of alternatives. See Template:Bibleverse for more available codes.