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Leonard with his brother
Leonard (left) with his brother a few years ago. (Click the photo for a larger view)

Leonard Durrenberger (September 17, 1948 – February 21, 2011) was a longstanding contributor to the Mac Ministry List, and served briefly on the new Board of CATUG when it was re-constituted in January 2011.

Autobiographical notes

Leonard sent the following drafts for a CATUG contributor page on February 3.

Pues, me siento una vocación al campo misionero. Él ha me llamado a partir de mi 14 aniversario. Aún no preparé para este servicio, mas espero en Dios por el remedio. Hé la bachilleria en Ruso con mucho enfasis en geología y música instrumental. Tomé aulas en portugués por dos años, y hé asistido a una iglesia hispana a desde 1996 a donde aprendí lograr español. Agredesco de la espiritualidad y gozo en Jesucristo del pueblo hispano, entonces no deseo regresar a las iglesias gringas. Ojalá que yo pudiese contribuir a este ministerio de Jesse Sng. ¡Que Dios le bendiga!
I was called to the mission field from the age of 14. Although unprepared for this service, I trusted in God to meet my needs. I majored in Russian, and minored in geology and instrumental music, finally earning a BA degree from California State University at Fresno. During that time I took two years of Portuguese, and have attended a hispanic church since 1996 where I learned fluent Spanish.
For five years full-time, and an uncounted number of hours of part-time, plus several projects afterwards, I worked at a rescue mission in my new home of Bellingham, WA. I also volunteered at the Lions Club Wheelchair Warehouse for three years until medical problems interfered. During the last 15 years, I have been used by church and others to use my education and computer skills for their benefit. This has included making business cards and translating letters and documents. I have redacted and laid out literally hundreds of sermons and sermon outlines in Spanish for a preacher who is now an ordained pastor. For a time I have also taught Sunday School at our church.

Family tribute

Leonard J. Durrenberger Jr., age 62 of Bellingham, Washington passed away February 21, 2011. He was born September 17, 1948 in Buffalo, New York, but then moved and grew up in Riverdale California. He graduated from California State University, Fresno with his Bachelor of Arts degree. Over the years Leonard attended several other colleges, taking courses in things that interested him such as languages, music, photography, computers, and one of his greatest loves: studying the Bible.

Leonard used his knowledge and skills to help fulfill his life’s journey and greatest passion which was serving God and helping others.

Leonard loved people and never met anyone who was not his friend. He was kind and generous to a fault. You would usually find him giving or sharing what he had with others. In return he was so truly blessed for the very dear and near friends who loved and cared for him. This is the Brother I knew, and whom we loved.

Leonard was preceded in death by his parents Leonard and Angelina Durrenberger and his brother Alan Durrenberger. He is survived by his brothers John Durrenberger, Sumter, South Carolina, Alvin Durrenberger, Hanford, California, and a sister Teresa Deford, Bakersfield, California and many loving family and friends.

Selected responses from CATUG members

It is with deep regret that I inform you about the passing of one of our dear members of this list: Leonard Durrenberger.

I had known for weeks that he was not well and if not for some of the things that had been going on leading up to the CMUG leadership changeover, we would not have spent all that time talking to each other.

Each time we chatted, Leonard and I were given the privilege to be an encouragement to one another and he had greatly refreshed me and was a frank and honest friend. Time and time again, he volunteered to be a help.

Despite his short term of service on the CMUG Management team, his impact was felt and his contribution was tangible.

The world and I have lost a gentle and kind soul and friend.

Goodbye Leonard. God be with you

-Jesse Sng

It has been a joy knowing Leonard over the past decade through Mac-Ministry.com. The Macintosh user community is truly losing a caring and kindred brother. Over the years you kept asking me to tell you about how one can have an incredible closeness and friendship with God. You no longer need to ask, for now you know Him face to face. I look forward to seeing you again one day, Leonard.

- David Larson

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